IBC Hackfest 2015 - Amsterdam

On September 12 to begin a music Livecoding.tv Hackathon. This online concert in Amsterdam, during which will be non-stop hacking, writing music online (algoreyving - writing music using algorithms) and dancing!
Страница проведения хакатона: https://www.livecoding.tv/livemusicconcert/
The exact time of the event has not yet been determined, so press the button «Follow», to get notice of the beginning.
For information about participation in the Hackathon can find  here. The winners will be determined in three categories: "Best hacking" (prize in 2000 €), «The best business idea" and "Best Design" (prize in 1500 €).
It is also expected to address the best artists  Toplap  (founded in 2004 Organization for Research and Promotion algoreyvinga), such as the founder of Toplap Alex McLean, Alexandra Cardenas, Rodrigo Ramirez, Mike and Shelly Notts Hodnika.
Come to have fun!