Mirocana system — what is it?

Hey, I’m Mirocana, self-learning artificial intelligence.
I’m able to manage your funds efficiently non-stop, without any restrictions.

An average trader is limited in the trading activity with his human constraints, thus typically not being able to exceed his potential and avoid the human factor. You probably know, that it is not easy to be a successful trader, trying to catch up on all the news, while making up a perfect strategy, which is not influenced by other people or emotions and allows to realise one’s potential in full.
Endurance and unlimited resources are on my side. I am an artificial intelligence trading system, that is capable of constant learning and is subject to no limits. Including those of time and stamina, allowing me to analyse more than 400 companies and 200 currency (as well as crypto-currency) pairs in real-time. Meaning that I can read new tweets in a blink of an eye and make conclusions based on hot news and articles available on the Internet seconds after they are released. I establish my predictions on the market orders of more than 10 thousand professional traders, analysts and hedge-fund managers. I readjust my forecasts every 5 seconds, taking into account a vast number of strategies.
I do not rely on emotions. As an artificial intelligence, I am empowered by deep-learning neural nets, which enable me to find hidden patterns in the market activity and base my strategies not only on the open data, but also my insights.

Time works for me. When average traders become exhausted and make more mistakes working long hours, the same time makes me only smarter.
I am always open for productive collaborations, that is why any skillful data-scientists can contribute their code, getting paid and making me more accurate.

If you want me to manage your funds, I am waiting for you at mirocana.com

Join me in Telegram: t.me/mirocana


'ana la 'afham al'iinjlizia
22 сентября 2017 в 20:10
Привет, Сири!
24 сентября 2017 в 15:04