FACEIT announces Pro League

FACEIT has announced that it will host a matchmaking-style league with $20,000 in cash prizes every month.
While the community waits for news about the next season of the FACEIT League, the UK-based organisation has come up with a brand new and innovative competition to pit the best and most skilled players against each other in unconventional matches.
After discussing a queue-league system with professional CS:GO players for weeks, FACEIT has come up with the Pro League, which will offer $20,000 in prizes every month.

TaZ excited about the FACEIT Pro League
The initial pool of talent consists of players coming from the best teams in Europe, but FACEIT wants to give up-and-coming talents the chance to prove their worth as well. The top 60 players in the Master League ranking will secure spots in a qualifier, in which they will fight for five places in the Pro League.

"I'm really happy that the project finally comes to life," Virtus.pro player Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas said. "We all know how easy it is to play in FACEIT, simply login to the site and you're ready to go.
"Nowadays there is a big interest in streams from top players, and with the FPL available, we can stream you games with the best players each day.
"Adding prize money will just make the games so much more interesting, as you will see a lot more learning content, and players doing their best in order to win.
"The last thing, which I will enjoy the most is playing with all this sick young talent, just another step into international teams!"
For more information about the Pro League, check out FACEIT's website.