Hitbox Arena Showdown announced

Hitbox has announced its latest European tournament, featuring eight teams and a $2,500 prize pool.
After a two-month hiatus, Hitbox has announced another iteration of its Showdown Invitational, this time with twice as many teams (eight instead of four) and a prize pool of $2,500.
The tournament, which will run from August 17-19, will see eight teams from all over Europe compete in a single-elimination bracket. The winner will take home $1,750, while the runner-up will get $750.

Dobry Gaming will compete in Hitbox Showdown Invitational
All quarter-final matches will be played on just one map, while the semi-finals will use a best-of-three format. The title decider will be a best-of-five clash.

Below you can find the list of participants for the Hitbox Showdown Invitational:

dignitas Dobry Gaming
Publiclir ex-Orbit
London Conspiracy OverGaming
Infused Aposis Gaming
The full tournament schedule looks as follows:

Monday, August 17
17:45Quarter-final #1Bo1
18:45Quarter-final #2Bo1
19:45Semi-final #1Bo3
Tuesday, August 18
17:45Quarter-final #3Bo1
18:45Quarter-final #4Bo1
18:45Semi-final #2Bo3
Wednesday, August 19
17:45Grand finalBo5

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