Kinguin win PGL Season 1 Qual. #1

Superstar conglomerate Kinguin continue to ring up impressive online finishes, qualifying for PGL's $110,000 Season 1 by defeating mousesports 3-0 (16-5 on de_cache, 16-7 on de_dust2, and 16-13 on de_train).
PGL's Season 1 promises $110,000 over the course of its duration, including offline finals that will feature three European teams and one North American team.
The qualifier for Group A in the European League—a group which is already stacked with invited teams TSM, Na`Vi, and—saw mousesports and Kinguin facing off in the final, after having defeated Torpedo and HellRaisers respectively.

Kinguin go 3-0 over mousesports in the PGL European Qualifier #1

The best-of-five grand final was no contest at first, with Kinguin sweeping the German mouz team 16-5 on de_cache and 16-7 on de_dust2. Things began to heat up on de_train however, with Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom suffering from DDOS issues which forced Kinguin to bring in Andreas "schneider" Lindberg as a stand-in.
Despite going down 4-11 at the half however, Kinguin strung together 12 rounds on their CT train side to take the final map 16-13, making them the team to qualify for PGL Season
Perhaps less noticed by some viewers as well was the completion of the PGL Season 1 North American qualifier two days before, which saw Method take down SKDC 3-2 in a far more contested best-of-five series (including double overtime on the final map, de_train).
As a result, the current participants in PGL's first season appear as follows:
EuropeNorth America
Group AGroup B
Team SoloMid fnatic Luminosity
Natus Vincere EnVyUs CLG Titan Team Liquid
Kinguin Qualifier Team  #2 Method
The final European team to join the list will begin to be decided tomorrow when the second European qualifier kicks off with its semifinal action.