Na`Vi win GO:CL Season 1

Natus Vincere triumph in the first season of Dreamz Media's CS:GO Champions League, winning the grand final over dignitas 3-0 (21-15 on de_mirage and 16-9 on de_train with a one map advantage).
Dreamz Media's CS:GO Champions League was first announced far back in February and promised a $30,000 online league for some of Europe's best teams.
Evidently, the explosive growth of tournaments in the CS:GO scene delayed the intended completion of the tournament (late April) for an extensive period of time, however the tournament did enter the playoff phase towards the end of May.

Na`Vi achieve a first place online finish in GO:CL and $15,000 as a result
With Na`Vi-rival and one of the tournament favourites,, falling in the upper bracket semi-final to dignitas 2-0, and then being eliminated by HellRaisers 2-1 in the lower bracket, Natus Vincere found themselves with a clearer path to a first place finish.
The Russo-Slovakian-Ukrainian outfit cooly dispatched of the Danish dignitas team in the upper bracket final.
When dignitas returned after having defeated HellRaisers in theconsolidation final, Na`Vi once again triumped with a 3-0 scoreline (with a one map advantage), although this time the first map of de_mirage went into a MR5 overtime scenario.
CS:GO Champions League Season 1 final standings:
1. Na`Vi - $15,000
2. dignitas - $8,000
3. HellRaisers - $5,000
4. Property - $2,000

5-6. ex-Gamers2
7-8. FlipSid3
7-8. SK
9-10. mousesports (group stage)
9-10. PENTA (group stage)