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Команда FireCore выпустила обновление утилиты AtvFlash(black) - Added integration (scrobbling and ratings) - Added localized movie poster art - Added localized movie ratings - Added AirControl (beta) - an open control API for Apple TV - Added support for embedded DVB subtitles - Added advanced read-ahead buffering for SMB and NFS shares - Added Simplified Chinese translation - Added 'Update All' option - Added support for secure web logins - Improved metadata fetching speed - Improved video rotation detection for MOV files - Improved support for YUVJ420 & YUVJ422 formats (used by digital cameras) - Improved top-level menu layouts - Resolved crash when accessing ISO files on certain shares - Resolved potential streaming issues when using an unstable network - Resolved AFP related memory management issues - Other minor improvements & fixes [url=]aTV Flash (black).rar[/url]
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13 июля 2012, 11:46